Growing is an inevitable ultimate true process of life

Caviarlieri | Published September 15, 2022

Growing is an inevitable ultimate true process of life. Ageing is unchangeable and uncontrollable. It
requires a lot of awareness, motivation and physical, mental, and social support to age elegantly. We
all proactively try our best to secure old age financially. We generally do not think or plan about our
nutritional health for old age. Like financial planning, good health planning also needs small mindful
nutritional investments right from a young age. It needs a steady and focused approach to secure the
desired positive quality of life during old age.

Why does ageing increase undernutrition risk?

Ageing brings various vigilant and silent internal and external changes. All these cumulatively lead to
poor appetite, low nutritious food intake, low immunity and increased susceptibility to health
complications. Lack of energy and unexplained tiredness not relieved by rest may occur due to chronic
fatigue syndrome. 1 in 8 persons older than 18 years is affected by this. Women are more affected
than men. It is most common in 2545 years of age.

Other complications include impaired concentration, muscle pain, poor appetite, pain in joints,
headache, sleep that does not refresh, feeling sick, and low energy after strenuous activity. Daily
nutritional supplementation will help restore deficiencies.

What is Caviarlieari?

Introducing a new age of Swiss cell therapy to support graceful ageing. It resets age and makes cells
young again by activating antiageing genes. It is clinically tested and scientifically proven to combat
the effects of biological ageing. This is no miracle, this is science.

Through this, each cell can be directly energized, stimulated and replenished with the natural benefits
of black sturgeon caviar.

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Created and approved by experts. Used and trusted by professionals. Supported by scientific journals
and studies. Caviarlieari is only made in Switzerland. Gene activity studies and scientific studies are
published in US PubMed.

Key ingredients

1. Caviar cellular DNA extract and marine peptides rich in amino acids, DHA and EPA. The high
degree of polymerization enables increased cellular penetration and bioactive sustainability
to perform multiple benefits. Patented Swiss proprietary cold “cellularix” DNA extraction
technology ensures potency, absorption and positive outcomes.

2. Marine collagen and elastin plus highquality hydrolysed marine collagen (from France)

3. Coenzyme Q10 and selenium rich source of antioxidants

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A significant increase in cellular energy
Provides effective and essential nutrition at the cellular level

Accelerate protein synthesis

Repair cells and renew damaged cells

Energizes mitochondrial cells, provides endurance, stamina and energy

Increase physical energy
Improves stamina during exercise and exhaustion after exercise

Enhance Beauty

Stimulates collagen production

Restores skin elasticity and complexion

Increases skin moisturization

Reduces appearance of wrinkles and lines

Reduces joint pain and inflammation in

Rheumatoid arthritis



Strengthens immunity

Regulates immune system

Significant reduction in oxidative stress

Improves sexual health

Increases sexual desire, energy and libido

Enhances sperm quality and spermatogenesis

Improves mental health and sleep quality

Increases concentration, focus and alertness

Reduces fatigue, mild depression and bad mood

Other significant benefits

Prevents and delays brain degeneration

Helps in diabetes and hypertension management

Protects eye health

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With Caviarlieari, efforts can be made not to stop or avoid ageing but to welcome it wholeheartedly
and happily. It is the final destination of the lifecycle so it should be cherished and celebrated to the
fullest. Planning old age attentively, financially, nutritionally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually is
the best gift one can give to self and their loved one