Why You Should Take Good Quality Supplements

Caviarlieri | Published May 29, 2020

People are becoming more health conscious nowadays. The need to keep our bodies healthy has been strongly felt in the past couple of years. Nutrition and diet is getting the most attention but unfortunately, the most misconceptions as well. The popularity of supplements and vitamins are also keeping up with the trend. There are many reasons why people depend so much on supplements. There are those who are picky with their food and have a limited range of food preferences, those who are either too busy or lazy to prepare healthy meals, those that don’t have a lot of choices with their local produce, those who are not aware of nutritional requirements, and those that think it is cheaper and easier to pop a supplement pill than go through all the fuss of figuring out their diet.

A Good Diet is Enough

The truth is, a good and balanced diet is enough to sustain one’s daily needs. Man has always relied on food not only to survive but to achieve optimal health and it was possible even when supplements and vitamins didn’t exist yet. The variety of food and nutritional contents can very well provide a person’s daily nutrient requirement. However, in order for one’s diet to be enough, it also requires a good amount of knowledge on food and nutrition – what food to avoid, which food contains what nutrients, how much can be taken within safe limits, and many other considerations.

When do You Need to Take Supplements?

So then why do we still take and need supplements? One reason is limitations – limitations from availability of food sources, medical conditions that cause deficiency or an extra need for vitamins and minerals and others. Most deficiencies in vitamins and minerals may not be properly fixed with plain diet due to the need for higher concentrations over a shorter period of time, hence the need for supplements. Another factor is when our body cannot produce certain types of nutrients which are also called essential nutrients. These essential nutrients are much needed by the body but cannot be synthesized by it such as Omega 3 and fatty acids. Omega 3 and fatty acids are the healthy kinds of fats that protect that body from many diseases as they are needed for blood clotting, make healthy cell membranes and a good source of energy. These fatty acids can be found in certain types of fish and nuts. Another reason is simply that the food we eat is not enough for our daily nutritional requirement.

Getting Enough Daily Nutrients from Broccoli is Difficult

nutrients from broccoli

To drive this point, let us take a closer look at one particular food item such as Broccoli. Broccoli is a loaded vegetable. Meaning, it contains so many good nutrients that are often overlooked. It is high in fiber, vitamin C (could provide more than half of the Vitamin C of an orange), Calcium, Vitamin K, Iron, potassium, protein (more than other vegetables), and many antioxidants. All these wonderful nutrients aid in preventing many diseases. It can be taken raw or cooked but collective research shows that it retains most of its health benefits through quick steaming. A more optimal intake would be 1 to 1 1/2 cups per day. One cup a day would already give more than half of the recommended daily intake of vegetables for adults. However, in order to get even enough of calcium or other micronutrients, one must ingest about 2,000 broccolis a day! It is this type of knowledge on food that helps us understand how diet can be sufficient for our body.

Finding a Safe and Effective Supplement

The need for supplements comes with choosing the right ones too. The quality and safety of the supplements are very important considering we take them every day and depend on them to help us achieve a specific benefit for our health. There are a few ways in determining the right supplements. First is choosing from a trustworthy source and brand. Source would mean a clinic, pharmacy or nutritional shop that distributes supplements to have a good reputation. National or global brands would be more capable in providing and distributing with proper quality control methods. Another way is to check for third party verification labels on the packaging. There are certain organizations in each country that do safety verification on supplements and their seal of approval are stamped on the packaging. Most importantly is to check with your doctor about the supplements that you take as well as checking the ingredients and nutrient dosage of the supplements.

Nutrient Absorption

However, taking the much-needed vitamins and minerals may not be absolutely enough. Choosing the right food and supplements to nourish our bodies is equally important as it being absorbed effectively in the body. Ingesting the right food and supplements are only futile if it cannot be maximized by the body. There are ways our body cannot absorb nutrients efficiently. Most common reasons nutrition is not properly absorbed are through certain problems in our digestive tract, intake of processed food and high in sugar, medications such as antacids, hormone and antidepressants, stress and alcohol consumption. Many nutrition experts have come up with ways to boost nutrient absorption such as eating a variety of food in a meal, pairing Vitamin C rich food with iron, include healthy fats in each meal, probiotics, avoiding tea during mealtime, managing stress levels and avoiding too much caffeine and alcohol.

Caviarlieri – Luxury Swiss Caviar Supplement

Caviarlieri is a potent food supplement manufactured in Switzerland with the Swiss Public Health Authority’s approval and distributed in leading Swiss Medical Centers and Spas. It is safe for long-term use as it does not contain steroids, hormones and stimulants and also a listed supplement in the Cologne List® and therefore undergoes independent quality checks. These are carried out by one of the globally-leading laboratories in nutritional supplement analytics for doping substances.

caviarlieri box of caviar food supplement - swiss cellular therapy

While most commercial supplements are manufactured with a process of high temperature to destroy bacteria and contaminants, Caviarlieri’s exclusive sourcing and careful technology used in extraction of ingredients ensures the efficacy and potency of the supplement. Its soft gel form contains bioactive micronutrients to prevent its chemical integrity from being compromised while the peptides component of Caviarlieri also helps it tolerate stomach acid until it is absorbed by the body. Most importantly, Caviarlieri’s nutritional benefits are evidence-based by Science and many studies. It covers a wide range of positive effects to the body such as a significant increase in energy, mood elevation, joint pain reduction, improved sleeping patterns, enhancing brain health, anti-inflammatory properties and many others.