How Can You Prevent Skin Aging?

Caviarlieri | Published June 16, 2022

What is Skin Aging?

As we age, so does our skin. This is known as intrinsic or chronological aging. As our skin ages, the collagen and elastin which gives our skin its youthful lift will deplete, our skin will lose its volume and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will develop.

Our skin’s ability to retain moisture and hydrate will also deteriorate. For most women, they can have uneven pigmentation such as dark spots known as hyperpigmentation, sun spots or age spots..

Extrinsic aging or epigenetics skin aging on the other hand, is controllable to a certain extent. In epigenetics, external factors like our environment – weather conditions and sun exposure, lifestyle choices such as smoking and drinking alcohol and the long term use of medication etc. can cause our skin to age prematurely.

What causes Skin Photoaging?

Photoaging is caused by overexposure to the sun.

There are many different types of rays present in sunlight. The rays that are most damaging to our skin are called ultraviolet (UV) rays. There are two basic types of ultraviolet rays that reach the earth’s surface—UVB and UVA. UVB rays are responsible for producing sunburn. The UVB rays also play the greatest role in causing skin cancers, including the deadly black mole form of skin cancer (malignant melanoma).

UVA rays also play a role in skin cancer formation. In addition, the UVA rays penetrate more deeply into the skin and play a greater role in premature skin aging changes including wrinkle formation (photoaging). There are approximately 500 times more UVA rays in sunlight than UVB rays.

UVA rays also damage our cellular DNA, but they do so indirectly: they trigger the formation of free radicals and these free radicals damage our DNA in a process known as oxidative stress.

How to Protect YOUR Skin from Sun Damage?

how to protect your skin from sun damage

The use of sunscreen every day is recommended, even if it’s cloudy. Apply at least one ounce of sunscreen (enough to fill a shot glass) at least 15 to 30 minutes before going outside. Also use a lip balm or lipstick that contains sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30. A sunscreen with SPF 30 will protect you from around 96.7% of UVB rays, whereas an SPF of 50 means protection from about 98% of UVB rays. Anything beyond SPF 50 makes very little difference in terms of risk of sun damage, and no sunscreens offer 100% protection from UVB rays.

According to DR Brendan Camp, MD, FAAD, a double-board certified dermatologist, when selecting a sunscreen, you should make sure the sunscreen is labelled as broad-spectrum, which means it will protect you against UVA and UVB rays and it is also water-resistant (which means it will be effective for 40 to 80 minutes in the water before you need to reapply).

While sunscreen is essential, Dr. Camp says it should only be step one before braving the sunny day ahead. He also recommends the use UV-protective clothing, hats, and sunglasses to defend against UV radiation directly from the sun and also from reflective surfaces, such as sand, snow, and water.

Skin Photo Aging and the Role of Antioxidants in Its Prevention

In a study published in 2013 in the Journal of ISRN Dermatology, it was established that the primary treatment of photoaging is photoprotection( like the use of sunscreen), but the secondary treatment could be achieved with the use of antioxidants and some novel compounds such as polyphenols.

According to the research, photoaging of the skin depends primarily on the degree of ultraviolet radiation (UVR) and on THE amount of melanin in the skin (skin phototype). In addition to direct or indirect DNA damage, UVR activates cell surface receptors of keratinocytes and fibroblasts in the skin, which leads to a breakdown of collagen in the extracellular matrix and a shutdown of new collagen synthesis. It is hypothesized that dermal collagen breakdown is followed by imperfect repair that yields a deficit in the structural integrity of the skin, formation of a solar scar, and ultimately clinically visible skin atrophy and wrinkles.

How Caviarlieri – A Swiss Caviar Cell Therapy Supplement can help Delay Skin Aging

caviarlieri white supplement box Caviarlieri Swiss Caviar Cellular Therapy plays an important role in effectively delaying skin aging by providing the effective and essential nutrition at the cellular level. It accelerates protein synthesis, cellular repair and renewal against damaged cells and thereby stimulates the collagen production for the skin. As a result, your skin complexion and texture are enhanced.

It is evident from the Caviarlieri scientific study published in Rejuvenation Research, a peer reviewed journal, that the Caviar DNA Extract in Caviarlieri can help delay chronological aging of the skin by triggering our own body to produce more collagen. Accelerating more collagen production can help ensure our skin’s elasticity and firmness thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

In addition, empirical randomised double blind placebo studies on the hydrolysed marine collagen which is one of the key ingredients of Caviarlieri has also demonstrated impressive results for delaying skin aging.

Formulated with Powerful Antioxidants to protect against Skin Photo Aging

Caviarlieri is also synergistically formulated with highly polymerized elastin marine collagen peptides, known for their potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

These peptides are known to modulate Tissue Damage, Oxidative Stress and Inflammation. These peptides are also involved in healthy tissue turnover and promote the remodeling of our skin ECM (Extra Cellular Matrix). Extracellular matrix provides support and anchorage for the shape of the cells, regulates and determines cells dynamic and behavior including cell survival, cell proliferation, cell polarity, cell differentiation, cell adhesion, and cell migration.

Caviarlieri Beneficial Modulation from a High-Purity Caviar-Derived Homogenate on Chronological Skin Aging
Rejuvenation Research Volume 15 Number 2, April 2012

This study tested the activity of Caviar DNA Extract (LD-1227), which contains a caviar-derived homogenate added with coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)–selenium component in aged human skin and its potential role on skin mitochondria function. Human dermal fibroblasts were obtained from healthy donors over 70 years old and treated with Caviar DNA Extract (LD-1227) for 72 hrs.

As compared to baseline, Caviar DNA Extract (LD-1227) caused a robust (> 67%) collagen type I synthesis ( p < 0.001) from fibroblasts by promoting its gene expression. This means that Caviarlieri can stimulate the production of collagen type 1 in our own body to delay skin aging, enhancing skin elasticity and firmness.

This figure shows a decreased synthesis of fibronectin ( p < 0.05) with Caviar DNA Extract (LD-1227). This phenomenon was paralleled with a significant downregulation of fibronectin mRNA (p < 0.05, r = 0.78). Fibronectins are high-molecular-weight glycoproteins that are present on cell surfaces and in extracellular fluids and connective tissues, and it is believed to increase with age and premature senescence. Therefore, a decrease in synthesis of fibronectin demonstrates that Caviarlieri can help prevent premature skin aging.

Mitochondria cytosolic adenosine triphosphate (ATP) levels decreased in aged skin samples (p < 0.05 vs. young control), but this phenomenon was reversed by Caviar DNA Extract (LD-1227) ( p < 0.01). These data show that Caviar DNA Extract LD-1227 may modify the extracellular matrix milieu in aged or older skin type and also beneficially affect mitochondrial function.

Clinical Studies on Key Ingredients of Caviarlieri – HP COLLAGEN ELASTIN PLUS (Hydrolysed marine collagen)

Numerous clinical studies show that HP Collagen Elastin Plus polysaccharides and proteins are active in the dermis where they improve basic skin structure, skin texture, and skin’s natural ability to retain moisture. The following studies show that over time, HP Collagen Elastin Plus in Caviarlieri can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dilated capillaries and age spots, whilst improving the skin’s moisture balance.

**On D84, the skin was exposed to cold temperatures, which explains the weaker anti-wrinkle effect at this period. + 71% and 57%

The results highlight the protective and anti-wrinkle effect of HP Collagen Elastin Plus in Caviarlieri against harsh conditions in winter after taking it for 84 days.

In the HP Collagen Elastin Plus group, a significant decrease of the number of deep wrinkles was observed after 28 days for 71% of the subjects. The average deep wrinkles reduction was equal to 10% (see graph 1).

The Placebo group showed a deterioration of the cutaneous relief with a significant increase in the number of deep wrinkles of +28% for 82% of the subjects.

Graph 2 below shows:

  1. No significant variation in the cutaneous relief parameters in the HP Collagen Elastin Plus group after 84 days.
  2. In the placebo group, a significant increase in the number of deep wrinkles of +51% on day 84 was observed in 88% of the subjects

HP Collagen Elastin Plus in Caviarlieri reinforces Skin Hydration

The moisturizing effect of HP Collagen Elastin Plus is supported by a clinical study involving 44 women over 40 years old. The results show an increase of the entire epidermis hydration by 8% after oral administration of HP Collagen Elastin Plus for 3 months.


The study also showed that HP Collagen Elastin Plus has no side effects.

By combining the two main constituents of the extracellular matrix, HP Collagen Elastin Plus has a synergic anti-wrinkle action: elastin fibers will give the skin the suppleness and then enhance the collagen fibers tensile strength. When orally administered at 2g/day,HP Collagen Elastin Plus and elastin peptides will stimulate the biosynthesis of the dermis (skin) main constituents to lift and tone the slackened areas. HP Collagen Elastin Plus minimizes apparent lines and wrinkles as shown in the results of the clinical study.

HP Collagen Elastin Plus has a full anti-aging action with potent antioxidant properties. The structural constituents of the dermis are thus protected against environmental damage (see graph).

HP Collagen Elastin Plus antioxidant activity is also substantiated by the ORAC test.

HP Collagen Elastin Plus delays the skin aging process by protecting the skin and stimulating its main structural constituents.

Caviarlieri is Backed by Science

Prior to the recent studies on mRNA and genetic expression, Caviarlieri already has several Peer Reviewed Scientific Studies published in PubMed and PMC Europe. The benefit claims are therefore evidence based, like significant increase in energy levels, mood elevation, reduction in joint pain, enhancement of sleep quality, improving brain health, strong anti-inflammatory properties and many others. It is important to remember that healing begins at the cellular level. These studies demonstrate Caviarlieri’s effective therapeutic outcomes and its ability to modulate and modify disease-related processes.

Caviarlieri is NOT A DRUG but a potent oral food supplement approved by the Swiss Public Health Authority. Unlike drugs or medications, there are no side effects for long term use. Caviarlieri is also certified by the German Sport University, Cologne as being free of steroids, hormones and stimulants which makes it safe for long-term use.

Caviarlieri is available in the leading Swiss Medical Centres and Luxury Spas as well as selected pharmacies throughout Switzerland.