How to Build Resilience to COVID-19 by Regulating Your Immunity and Controlling Inflammation

Caviarlieri | Published July 16, 2020

It is shocking and unbelievable how rapidly the corona pandemic has spread. It has infected more than 13 million people today since it first appeared in December last year and the numbers are growing and unstoppable. More than half a million people have died so far.

The worst is yet to come. Without a medical breakthrough, the Massachusetts of Technology reckons that the total number of cases will climb to 200-600 million by March 2021 and 1.4 to 1.7 million will have died. It is believed that 90% of the world’s population will still be vulnerable to infection unless they have immunity.

total cases of coronavirus (covid-19) worldwide

Total Cases” = total cumulative count. This figure includes deaths and recovered or discharged patients (cases with an outcome)

Source: Worldometer –

While it is important to take preventive measures such as social distancing, using masks, frequent hand washing and even self-isolation to protect against the deadly coronavirus, there are two other critical factors which can contribute to your risk of developing a Covid-19 infection and its potential severity. Understanding them is extremely useful.

They are your immunity, which should be regulated and strengthened, and your inflammation, which should be controlled or suppressed.

It is a known fact that older people are especially more susceptible to this virus and its potentially deadly consequences. The term “older people” does not only refer to people who are aged 80 and above, even though they are more likely to die from Covid-19 than those in their 20s. According to the Scientific director of the American Federation for Aging Research, vulnerability to contracting Covid 19 increases starting at around the age of 55.

Our Immune defenses against diseases decline with age. With advancing age, our natural killer cells become less effective at destroying the virus-infected cells in our body. At the same time, inflammation in tissues throughout the body increases with age. This means people who are chronologically and biologically older will be more likely to be infected with the coronavirus, which can get into the body, bind to molecules in the nose and lungs, and cause systemic inflammation.

senior couple discussing immunity during covid-19 pandemic

Therefore instead of just focusing only on avoiding the contraction of Covid-19, it is equally important to regulate, strengthen our immune system and reduce our inflammation levels. In this way, even if we contract the virus we will be able to fight it and not suffer from the fatal consequences.

There are established ways to reduce inflammation in our body and thereby enhance your resistance to this deadly disease. The basic weapons are diet and exercise which are easily available to all of us and we can avail ourselves to their benefits. Lifestyle can also have a major impact on a person’s immune system.

Exercise helps to enhance your skeletal muscles. Skeletal muscle helps the immune system. The contractions of skeletal muscles produce small proteins called myokines that, by reducing inflammation, have big health benefits. Myokines ferret out infections in your body and keep inflammation under control. Also, by exercising your skeletal muscles, you can help reduce your body fat and increase the potency of natural killer cells, regardless of your age. Studies show that an 80-year-old who increases his muscle mass will be better able to recover from Covid as compared to others who do not exercise.

women exercising to enhance their immunity during coronavirus pandemic

Fat tissue, for example, increases inflammation and renders overweight people more vulnerable to a Covid infection. Exercise reduces this.

The more extensive or vigorous the exercise, the less the inflammation. It was established in a study that those who do fewer than 3,000 steps a day have the highest level of inflammation, whereas those who do 10,000 or more steps daily have the least inflammation.

For those suffering from chronic diseases, exercise is a very important factor which can help decrease their vulnerability to a serious Covid infection. It is a well-established fact that exercise can help improve your immunity.

Regular exercise can also improve your sleep, which can suppress inflammation and keep your immune system from having to work overtime.

Apart from regular exercise, essential nutrition at the cellular level is extremely critical to reduce susceptibility to the virus. Poor nutrition and excess weight weakens the immune system and abdominal fat in particular enhances damaging inflammation.

By avoiding highly processed foods and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables that are relatively low in calories and high in protective nutrients, your immunity can be enhanced.

For those who drink alcohol, overconsumption can reduce immunity-boosting nutrients in the body and impair the ability of white blood cells to fight off microbial invaders.

While reports show people with vitamin D deficiency face an increased risk of developing a severe Covid-19 infection, taking excessive amounts of a vitamin D supplement can potentially cause distressing gastrointestinal symptoms. For those with already healthy levels of vitamin D, there’s no established immune benefit from taking more than 2,000 IU of vitamin D-3 a day.

How Can Caviarlieri, a Swiss Caviar Cellular Therapy Supplement Help Regulate Your Immune System and Reduce your Inflammation?

Sustainable Immunity

In addition, the Caviarlieri is made of peptides which help to escort the nutrients into our cells for protein synthesis which is an important process to accelerate cellular renewal and repair versus damaged cells. If essential nutrition is provided at the cellular level, it will help maintain or strengthen the functionality of our immune system.

The scientific studies on Caviarlieri published in peer reviewed journals have proven that it has powerful antioxidant properties which can potentially prevent damage to the immune cells by neutralizing free radicals. Free radicals are substances in the environment that can damage cells and reduce immunity. Supplementing with Caviarlieri can also help increase the activation of cells involved in regulating our immunity.

Another active ingredient of Caviarlieri is Selenium. This potent antioxidant keeps our immunity in check by identifying and warding off potentially harmful threats, like viruses, parasites and bacteria. It is also known to help regulate our immune responses and protect us against infectious microorganisms.

Significant Reduction of Inflammation

Caviarlieri is scientifically proven to help reduce the Tumour Necrosis Factor Alpha which is an important inflammatory biomarker for metabolic syndrome conditions. In addition, Caviarlieri can also reduce the C-reactive protein (CRP), a blood test marker for inflammation in the body. CRP is classified as an acute phase reactant, which means that its levels will rise in response to inflammation.

There are also several current and ongoing studies which indicate that Caviarlieri triggers the epigenetic mechanisms of the cells to activate gene expression for inflammation reduction which will help alleviate the onset of any of the risks associated with the diseases as a consequence of metabolic syndrome.

Note: Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, unhealthy cholesterol levels, excess abdominal fat that increases your risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

Published in Peer Reviewed Journal – Acta Bio Medical / Official Journal of the Society of Medicine and Natural Sciences of Parma Vol 84-53-60/2013

A sturgeon-derived bioactive compound beneficially modulates nuclear receptors controlling metabolic functions in patients with metabolic syndrome.

A. Lorenzetti, R. Catanzaro, G. Bertuccelli, N. Zerbinati, . Jain, U. Solimene, S.K. Yaduvanshi, N. Srivastava, E.Minelli, H. Yadav, C. Tomella, F.Marotta

The aim of the study was to test the possible effects of a novel sturgeon-derived compound Caviar DNA Extract (LD-1227) on inflammatory markers related to metabolic nuclear receptors in patients with metabolic syndrome. The study population consisted of 76 patients with metabolic syndrome and 30 healthy subjects who were maintained to their current treatments and randomly supplemented with A) Caviar DNA Extract (LD-1227) (n=38) or B) placebo (n=38) as compared to C) healthy controls (n=30). Caviar DNA Extract (LD-1227) or placebo (water-soluble starch) were given daily at breakfast and dinner for three months.

At the end of the study period, as compared to B group, Caviar DNA Extract LD-1227-treated patients showed a significant improvement of all parameters (hs-CRP, IL-6, TNF-alpha) tested, irrespective of the presence of diabetes. The study’s findings show that although the metabolic syndrome remains a multifaceted condition requiring a complex approach, Caviarlieri (LD-1227) could be a potential safe therapeutic tool to be integrated into a wider treatment and preventive medicine schedule strategy.

graph showing caviar dna treatment of patient withs metabolic syndrome with/without diabetes

After intervention with Caviar DNA Extract (LD-1227), TNF-α level (inflammation) decreased significantly in all Metabolic Syndrome patients (p<0.05 vs baseline and vs placebo group).

graph showing caviar dna treatment of patient withs metabolic syndrome with/without diabetes

The level of hs-CRP in patients with Metabolic Syndrome was significantly higher than in healthy controls (p<0.05, fig 2) and particularly in those with overt diabetes (p<0.05 vs MS patients without diabetes). After intervention with Caviar DNA Extract (LD-1227), hs-CRP significantly decreased (p<0.05 vs placebo).

Note: C-reactive protein (CRP) is a blood test marker for inflammation in the body. CRP is produced in the liver and its level is measured by testing the blood. CRP is classified as an acute phase reactant, which means that its levels will rise in response to inflammation.

A high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) test, which is more sensitive than a standard test, also can be used to evaluate your risk of developing coronary artery disease, a condition in which the arteries of your heart are narrowed. Coronary artery disease can lead to a heart attack.


The intervention with Caviar DNA Extract (LD-1227) has shown in human chondrocytes that this sturgeon-derived compound could effectively inhibit IL-1β-induced proliferation and inflammatory reactions via inhibited activation of the transcription factor NF-κB pathway. Caviarlieri contains collagen elastin, protein and a rich array of other smaller unsaturated fatty acids, and structural phospholipids which may exert a synergistic action on multiple mechanisms of the inflammatory cascade.

Why is Caviarlieri a Safe and Potent Option?

box of caviarlieri, a swiss cellular therapy caviar supplement which provides essential nutrition at the cellular level Caviarlieri is not a drug but a oral food supplement approved by the Swiss Public Health Authority. Unlike drugs or medications, there are no side effects for long term use. Caviarlieri is also is a listed supplement in the Cologne List®. The Cologne List® publishes products which have been tested for selected doping substances by one of the globally-leading laboratories in nutritional supplement analytics.

Manufactured using the Swiss Cold Process Extraction Technology, Cellularix, Caviarlieri comes in a soft gel form which encapsulates the Caviar bioactive nutrients and marine peptides for optimal absorption. It is important to know that not all food supplements are able to do so.

By providing essential nutrition at the cellular level, Caviarlieri triggers protein synthesis and stimulates our own body system to heal, repair and renew our cells at an accelerated rate against damaged cells. Unlike drugs, it will take a 3-6 months regime for the cellular healing and repair to generate maximum benefits and results.

Caviarlieri is also backed by Science as it has several studies published in peer-reviewed journals and the benefit claims are therefore evidence based, like significant increase in energy levels, mood elevation, reduction in joint pain, enhancement of sleep quality, improving brain health, reduction in inflammation and many others. These are important benefits which will potentially protect us from the malefic effects of Covid 19.