Caviarlieri Reviews & Expert’s Opinions


Dr.Med. Brigitte Bollinger

Specialist FMH for Dermatology and Venereology

Cell Regeneration is activated in Caviarlieri

Dr. Bollinger explains why Caviarlieri is part of the Anti-Aging protocol in the Medical Centre of Bad Ragaz and how patients benefit from the outcomes.

Dr. Ghislaine Beilin

Dermatologist at IMAS Academy

Caviarlieri is a a great breakthrough in the field of stem cells and anti-aging medicine.

Dr. Ghislaine Beilin is a World renowned Aesthetic Medicine Speaker and the President of ESAAM (European Society of Anti-Aging Medicine) and she speaks about the outstanding benefits of Caviarlieri from a medical perspective.

MS. Ivana Sgheiz

Director of HC International S.A.

Caviairlieri is a Magic Pill with Outstanding Benefits

Ms Ivana Sgheiz, a director of a leading luxury Spa shared her personal experience on how Caviarlieri has benefited her for the past years.

Maximilian Warth

Managing Director at CHC Swiss AG

Caviarlieri will be extremely successful.

Mr Warth is the Ex-Vice President of Swiss Caps Inc. and an expert in manufacturing for more than 11 years in the pharmaceutical industry. He shares his positive experience with Caviarlieri and explains why the product is effective because of its unique APIs , active ingredients which are very rare and difficult to find in the world.

Dr Michael Papacharalambous

Director of Internal Medicine

Caviarlieri helps Reduce Inflammation of the Joints, so No Pain of the joints

Dr Michael Pappas, an active member of ESSAM (European Society of Anti-Aging) speaks about the amazing benefits of Caviarlieri and how this Caviar Cell Therapy product fulfils all 5 criteria of Anti-Aging.

Caviarlieri Launch

Caviarlieri Launch

Medical Center Bad Ragaz Caviarlieri Launch. The event was attended by anti-aging doctors and luminaries from Switzerland, US, France, Germany, Greece, China, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Asia. Most of the guests are consumers and loyal fans of Caviarlieri.

Caviarlieri Product Conference, Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Caviarlieri Product Conference, Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Dr. med. Brigitte Bollinger also speaks on the evidenced based benefits of Caviarlieri.


"I look forward to taking this Caviar Supplement every single morning"

Dr. Prathap Chandra Reddy

Founder and Chairman of Apollo group of hospitals

I have been taking Caviarlieri for more than 1 year and the benefits I experienced are phenomenal and outstanding. The potency of the product is undeniable, I am invigorated to exercise and my mental concentration has improved significantly. At 86, I am full of life and people are amazed how I am able to walk briskly without joint pain and I can even surpass the work schedule of my employees and my daughters who are responsible for the management of the hospitals. Many people also commented on my skin complexion and glow.Caviarlieri also helps to regulate my blood sugar levels , reduce inflammation and is very effective in preventing brain degeneration. I look forward to taking this Caviar Supplement every single morning.

"This great product, Caviarlieri makes my road to TOKYO OYLMPICS 2021 much easier"

Stefanos Dimitriadis

Olympian, Dietitian-Nutritionist, BSc, MSc, RD

Swimming is one of the most challenging sports. My daily routine consists of 4-6 hours training in and out of the pool. Most of the trainings are characterized by high intensity intervals resulting to extreme physical exhaustion. Since I started using Caviarlieri, I noticed a huge improvement in my Physical Capacity, Stamina and Endurance . Overall, my muscle fatigue and soreness were reduced significantly.Furthermore, Caviarlieri re-set and restored my Circadian Rhythm. I am able to sleep sooner than I was used to and my sleep quality has improved tremendously as well. My daily mood is also elevated and I am able to train harder and I am definitely more focused. This great product makes my road to Tokyo Olympics 2021 much easier.

"Caviarlieri shows amazing anti-aging and anti-inflammatory results for patients age 18-83"

Dr. Sotiris Nikolopoulos

Founder and Director of the Center for Molecular Analysis & Research S.A.

When I was first introduced to Caviarlieri, as a research scientist specializing in molecular analysis, I was sceptical when informed about the outstanding benefits of this Caviar Supplement. Then, when I met the President of the company who I gathered had taken the product for years. I was amazed hee is 71 years old and looks extremely young and fit for his age. I requested for his blood sample for an analysis and to my astonishment, I found that his “anti-aging and collagen 1” levels are the same and comparable to that of a 41 year old man.Thinking that this may a be a unique case, I requested the company to do a research on a group of patients from 18-83 years old to ascertain whether the product has a similar effect on all others. I was overwhelmed and astonished with the results. It has the same effect. Regardless of their age, all of them show improvement in energy levels, enhancement in collagen levels, significant reduction in inflammation. The biomarkers and blood test measurements were all done to assess results at a molecular level. This means that Caviarlieri can trigger epigenetics changes, which is really revolutionary and ground breaking. It was a Eureka moment for me as a research scientist to discover a product which can benefit patients at a molecular, cellular and genetic level, unheard of any other food supplement.I decided to try Caviarlieri myself. After a few weeks of taking it, I began to feel a significant increase in energy levels, more mental focus and concentration and mood elevation . I am amazed by the remarkable results and I believe there must be other benefits awaiting to be discovered.

"All of my patients who take Caviarlieri have remarkable results .. significant reduction in knee joint pain, sexual satisfaction etc. and only after a few weeks "

Dr. Gerald SY

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

One of my 59 year old patient had a lump on her right breast and the doctor recommended to have it removed. After taking Caviarlieri for 3 months, the lump was gone. Another 50 year old patient has joint pain on the knee and after taking Caviarlieri for 2 weeks , the pain was significantly reduced and the swelling and inflammation reduced as well.Caviarlieri also helps in sexual satisfaction as told by my 60 year old patient. She mentioned that her vaginal lubrication has improved after taking Caviarlieri for few months.

"Caviarlieri Swiss Cell Therapy helps to improve sleep quality, elevate mood and enhance skin complexion and beauty."

Dr. Gillian Yip

Aesthetic Doctor and Dermatologist

As an aesthetic doctor and dermatologist, I really appreciate the outstanding benefits of Caviarlieri. Not only does it improve my skin complexion, I find significant increase in my energy levels and enhancement of sexual desire only weeks after taking the Caviar Supplement.Based on the scientific studies, it is also evident that Caviarlieri can benefit at a cellular and molecular level, which is unbelievable. It also helps improve my quality of sleep, which is few and precious due to my heavy work schedule. I have taken this product for more than 6 months and I know I will continue with this product for vitality, youth and beauty.

"Caviarlieri is unbelievable… I feel a new lease of life; my medical conditions also improved significantly.”

Prof.Bala V Balachandran

J L Kellogg Distinguished Professor, Kellogg School of Management

With Caviarlieri, I feel like a young man bursting with energy and vitality even though I am 83 years old. Not only do I feel energised and optimistic, this caviar supplement also helped in my recovery from my quintuple bypass, hip replacement and shoulder replacement surgeries. In spite of my hectic work schedule, my mental focus and concentration are excellent. Furthermore, my students and colleagues always ask me how I manage to be as active as a 38 year old and what the secret to my high energy level is! I know it is because of Caviarlieri.

Prof. Tan with Professor Bob Edwards (extreme left) Nobel Laureate and Inventor of IVF

“I found the scientific evidence for Caviarlieri’s use in therapeutic indications extremely compelling.”

Prof. Seang Lin Tan, Canada

MBBS, FRCOG, FCSC, FACOG Department of ObGyn, McGill University

Medical Director. OriginElle Fertility Clinic

As a Professor in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and a medical expert in IVF discipline, I am sceptical about the benefits and claims of any health supplement unless it is backed by empirical evidence. When I first came to know Caviarlieri, I was impressed by the list of scientific studies published in peer reviewed journals , demonstrating that this caviar supplement is backed by science. I found the evidence in support of Caviarlieri’s use in many therapeutic indications extremely compelling.When I finally got to try Caviarlieri, I was astounded that even though I am over 65 years of age, I feel that I am able to function and work like I did 30 years ago. My mental focus and stamina have increased incredibly and I am able to focus and concentrate on many complex issues simultaneously from early morning to late at night, much to the surprise of my fellow colleagues.I am a living testament to the amazing benefits of this product.

“Caviarlieri helped Regenerate my Cartilage and I can now resume my Active Sports”

Florence Schaeffer (France)

Spa Director, Swiss Deluxe Hotels

I am an outdoor sports enthusiast who enjoys travelling, diving, swimming, skiing, fitness and hiking. In late 2017 , while doing my sports activities, I injured my knees and was diagnosed with grade 3 Chondropathy. This is a disease of the cartilage and is caused by inflammation and damage to the knee cartilage. The pain can be difficult at times but I tried to manage. The doctors gave me the usual advice .They told me to avoid the overuse of my knees and to go for physiotherapy treatments. This potentially meant that I have to avoid engaging in some sports activities indefinitely, which was devastating for me. Dr. Brigitte Bollinger, a reputable dermatologist from Bad Ragaz Medical Center then introduced me to Caviarlieri. She told me that this caviar supplement is able to provide essential nutrition at the cellular level thereby stimulating cellular repair and renewal against the damaged cells in my knees. She assured me that Caviarlieri is backed by science and it is a supplement and not a drug. The results have been phenomenal. After 4 months of taking Caviarlieri, I was amazed at my recovery . I am now able to resume sports and outdoor activities like before. Most importantly I am so thrilled that I am able to ski again and my life has returned back to normalcy.