Significant Increase in
Cellular Energy

Do you sometimes wish you can have more energy and stamina at work, at home and when you are exercising? Some people take energy drinks which contain large amounts of caffeine, sugar and other substances to obtain a temporary energy boost. When caffeine enters the body, it raises the heart rate and blood pressure, increasing energy levels and improves the mood.

Caffeine in the body acts quickly but the boost is short-lived and may be accompanied by other health problems.

What happens when you feel tired all the time? You may be suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. The most prominent symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome is an unexplained feeling of low energy levels which is not relieved by rest. It is estimated that 1 to 8 persons older than the age of 18 are affected by it. Women are affected about twice as often than men. Although the illness is most common in people 25 to 45 years old, chronic fatigue syndrome can attack people of all age groups, including children.

As a result those affected suffer from impaired concentration, muscle pains, poor appetite, pain in several joints, headaches, sleep that doesn’t refresh, feeling sick or tired with low stamina after exercise or strenuous activity.

In order to increase your cellular energy significantly long term and in a healthy manner, taking effective nutritional supplements daily will help.

Why Caviarlieri

All of your body’s energy to function comes from inside your cells and is made in the mitochondria (known as the “powerhouse” of the cell). Healthy mitochondria are therefore the fundamental starting point of good energy and health.

Caviarlieri Swiss Caviar Cellular Therapy Supplement provides effective and essential nutrition at the cellular level, accelerating protein synthesis and cellular repair and renewal against damaged cells. Caviarlieri energizes your cells in the mitochondria and provides you more energy, endurance and stamina.

It is evident from the empirical randomised double-blind placebo studies on the key ingredients of Caviarlieri (marine peptides) help to increase the cellular energy levels of the clinical subjects at multiple levels as indicated in the following charts.

Significant Increase in Physical Energy

Symptoms known to be associated with low energy include evening fatigue, exhaustion upon waking up, difficulty in concentration, inability to sleep, poor appetite. This study was conducted on 688 clinical subjects (average 44 years old) and shows that more than 80 % of the clinical subjects reported significant increase in energy levels across multiple parameters like evening fatigue and exhaustion upon waking up, after taking marine peptides in Caviarlieri.

20% of the clinical subjects have also indicated complete recovery from evening fatigue and 24.3% in exhaustion upon waking up.

After Exercise

For professional athletes and people who exercise regularly, recovery from exercise is essential for muscle and tissue repair and strength building. Professional athletes who are required to train rigorously and intensely, faster recuperation means they can optimize their training regimes and deliver outstanding performances.

This figure shows the potent effect marine peptides on 80% of the clinical subjects who experience improvements in recuperation after exercise.

Stamina During Exercise

Stamina refers to both the reservoir of energy that sustains prolonged effort and the ability to access it. Stamina is oxygen, or more precisely your body’s ability to take in as much oxygen as possible for disbursement to your muscles. Increasing stamina and endurance is critical during exercise and training for optimal performance, especially for professional athletes.

This clinical study shows the effect of marine peptides in Caviarlieri on stamina during exercise when tested against placebo. After 21 days, the Oxygen Uptake for clinical subjects increased from 38.3% to 39.6%.

Effects on
Physical Fatigue (for
clinical subjects with inherent disorders)

People suffering from health issues like muscular weakness disorder, digestive disorder and precordial chest pain etc. will experience lower energy levels compared to those without such physical disorders.

This study on the effects of marine peptides in Caviarlieri comprises 688 people with an average age of 44 years. About 88% of the clinical subjects reported improvements in their physical mobility and 89% in their muscle weakness conditions. With improvements in their physical disorders, the energy levels of the clinical subjects will naturally increase.

Effects on Physical Symptoms

Physical symptoms or issues like muscular pain, difficulty in breathing, flatulence and incontinence can also adversely affect energy levels.

A study on the marine peptides in Caviarlieri was conducted on 688 clinical subjects (average 44 years old) with physical symptoms such as muscular pain, breathing difficulties or dizziness etc. After 15 days, 63% of the subjects reported a reduction in muscular pain and 62.5% reported improvements in vasomotor symptoms like dizziness , night sweats and hot flushes etc.

By improving the physical symptoms of the clinical subjects, the energy levels can be enhanced significantly with a reduction in fatigue levels.

Other Evidence-Based Benefits of Caviarlieri

Substantial Reduction in Joint Pain

Caviarlieri has strong anti-inflammatory properties that can help alleviate and reduce chronic joint pain significantly. Unlike painkillers or opioids which have adverse side effects, Caviarlieri is an excellent nutritional supplement which has no side effects and is a palliative for chronic pain management.

Improves Sexual Performance

Oxidative stress is a common pathology seen in approximately half of all infertile men. Caviarlieri can help reduce oxidative stress and cellular damage to stimulate increase in sperm count and sperm viability.

Improves Mental Health & Sleep Quality

Clinical studies have shown that marine peptides in Caviarlieri can effectively improve your mental health, mental fatigue and improve the quality of your sleep.

I have been taking Caviarlieri for more than 1 year and the benefits I experienced are phenomenal and outstanding. The potency of the product is undeniable, I am invigorated to exercise and my mental concentration has improved significantly. At 86, I am full of life and people are amazed how I am able to walk briskly without joint pain and I can even surpass the work schedule of my employees and my daughters who are responsible for the management of the hospitals. Many people also commented on my skin complexion and glow.

Caviarlieri also helps to regulate my blood sugar levels , reduce
inflammation and is very effective in preventing brain degeneration. I look forward to taking this Caviar Supplement every single morning.